Another research is possible

L'Atelier des Jours à Venir works to establish reflexive and responsible research practices. Our values are rooted in a shared experience of research, education and science communication all over Europe.

The current dominant academic model has started questioning itself, for instance in terms of reliability, or in terms of dynamics of production. We go further and believe another research is possible and we actively work towards it.

We experiment ourselves as well as we train others to research practices, in which we take time to reflect on our practices and develop responsible attitudes, both in terms of research reliability and human values.

Competent rebellion

We consider that anyone can be empowered with the intellectual tools of research and use them for competent rebellion, as Helga Nowotny, former head of ERC, once stated. We therefore commit to sharing the research practice with citizens, especially those facing difficult social, economical and political contexts.

Local scales, slow processes

L'Atelier des Jours à Venir bridges the local and the global. We assert that taking time to work with small numbers of people at a local scale allows to have a significant impact. It is also our way to be consistent with our philosophical perspective, where values are rooted in shared experience among communities of people rather than in pure ideology.

We are slowly seeding in Euskadi (Basque country). Meanwhile we share our tools for action with those who need them most all over Europe and across the Mediterranean world.