Science communication

Science communication events

We also organise events to share the scientific research with citizens, as for instance

Capacity building, training of science communicators

We offer capacity building for key players able to sustain such activities in the long run. We train and assist science communicators (students, researchers, professionals of science communication...) to use science communication as tool for dialogue, critical thinking and development of entrepreneurship, and to design projects specifically relevant for a public with little access to scientific culture. We guide them to share the social dimension of the scientific research practice, in order to empower their public to ask their own questions, and collectively search for answers. We have been working in Israel and Palestine (West-bank and Gaza), Egypt, Croatia, Serbia.

    • Training for science communicators: Enhance learning and empower citizens by sharing the research process and the values of scientific communities with the public. (pdf)

    • Trainings for members of the international network of French Cultural Centres - "Instituts Français". (pdf)