Participatory research: Nouveaux Commanditaires – Sciences

We develop citizen science projects, with the support of Fondation de France. We have designed a framework called Nouveaux Commanditaires - Sciences (New Patrons of Science). Groups of citizens are guided to ask their own research questions, relevant for them, as well as for academic researchers. It has thus to be a question for which research has no answer yet. Based on this question, researchers are then involved in the process and together with citizens a research protocol is designed.

University courses: responsibility and reflexivity

We design pedagogical contents and delivers courses for universities across Europe (Sorbonne Paris Cité, ETH Zürich, UNILausanne) and within Innovative Training Networks (ITN) and other European projects. These contents are addressed to PhD, Master and Bachelor students. They intend to enhance their level of responsibility and reflexivity in performing research, and their ability to foster a responsible research environment.

Research activities: take time to experiment and develop new practices

We organize workshops for researchers to reflect on their own research practice, and experiment new practices, reflexive and responsible, at the individual and collective level. We also assist researchers in planning the outreach actions that are now systematically financed as part of the research funding provided by most grant agencies. These experimentations are grounded in the research activity of the members of l'Atelier des Jours à Venir.

Science communication: inclusive approaches

We provide training and consultancy across Europe and the Middle-East for institutions engaging in science communication. We work with science communicators to develop scientific culture projects that allow the public to experience the social process of scientific research as an empowering process. Our expertise is in dealing with tense societal situations.

We support teachers and educators in developing educational projects related to the research process and that are socially relevant. We provide consultancy to life-long learning institutions working with teachers (such as Maisons pour la Science in France).