Past achievements

Activities below have been performed by Atelier des Jours à Venir or by its members within other NGOs.

Building research-based learning environments

  • Conception and realization of trainings for PhD students of Paris Descartes & Paris Diderot Universities, Life Science Zürich graduate school (ETHZ & Uni), Université de Lausanne. Since 2012.
  • Conception and realization of courses for Sciences Po Paris & Reims: introduction to scientific research, research practices, institutions, values, social norms.... since 2012.
  • Conception and realization of more than 20 workshops and teaching units, at the bachelor & master level (activities last from one week to one semester, in France, Croatia, China). These innovative trainings provide specific skills for interdisciplinary research, social skills within a learning community, project management, etc. Since 2007.
  • Direction of the full conception, certification, team recruitment and first year of activity of a research-based interdisciplinary Bachelor program. First fully research-based curriculum in France, also with outreach for motivated students from underprivileged backgrounds. Frontiers in Life Sciences Bachelor program, Paris Descartes University / CRI. 2010-2012.

Sharing the research practice to address social issues

We have developed expertise in using science communication activities in very difficult areas.

Our members have created in 2011 the first nation wide Palestinian science festival in collaboration with local universities and the network of French Cultural Centres. Since then, this festival has been going on, on a yearly basis. Science communication training was also organized to empower students to autonomously engage in dialogue and take responsibility in the festival. Activities have been performed even in Gaza. Subtle dialogue has been maintained with Israeli organizations involved in science communication.

In Croatia, in 2010, in the devastated city of Vukovar, they have created science communication workshops that gathered both Croats and Serbs, while at the time, youth from both communities were attending separate schools. We co-organized activities in schools involving children from different communities, and training for local actors in conflict management by sharing the research values with children. ConSol association, 2010.

When the revolution took place in Egypt, we have been involved in supporting civil society projects, to use informal science education as a tool to empower the poorest populations from Cairo and Alexandria. We organized trainings for journalists, students and academics to develop science-based projects to address social issues in Cairo, Egypt. Workshops have been performed during the most difficult moments of the revolution and a few initiatives took place. After the Arab spring opened up the possibility of addressing social issues and educational challenges, these trainings helped develop local expertise and methodology. Unfortunately the military coup stopped all this. In collaboration with the Research and Development program of the ministry of Education. 2011, 2012, 2013

Since 2005, we have created science communication activities in the impoverished French suburbs and further advised partners in Barcelona and Wien involved in similar initiatives.

  • Conception and implementation of intensive science weeks for high school students, providing insight into ongoing scientific research. Paris-Montagne association, more than 200 participants since 2006.
  • Conception of an internship program for high school students to practice research within real laboratories. This experience has been an empowering process for youth from socially deprived suburbs. Science Académie program, more than 1000 participants since 2006.
  • Conception and realization of participatory theatre events inviting youth to address career choice in an imaginative, questioning, and liberating approach (“Job de rêve”). This activity addressed the necessity for youth from underprivileged backgrounds to freely project themselves into their future and overcome their own self-censorship. Paris-Montagne association and XTNT artist company, 2011-2012.