Research activities

Research workshops : another research is possible !

Information: trash or treasure.

  • November 2014. Co-organized by Livio (Atelier des Jours à Venir), and Philippe Huneman (IHPST), assisted by Gaëlle Pontarotti & Francesca Merlin.

Un institut métaphorique: questioning metaphors in science and arts.

  • A series of workshops and other activities, involving artists and scientists. (2015-2018). With the support of Fondation Carasso.

Representing organization & inheritance.

    • Fall 2015. In collaboration with Who Am I ? Labex (Paris)

Research activities of the members of l'Atelier des Jours à Venir

Livio Riboli-Sasco has a research activity in philosophy of biology, in close collaboration with the History and Philosophy of Science Institute in Paris. Leïla Perié is head of a lab at Institut Curie. Anne Le Goff is assistant professor at Compiègne University. Both Claire Ribrault and Livio Riboli-Sasco also have a science studies approach to the evolution of the academic world and its interaction with society and educators.

L'Atelier des Jours à Venir thus stands within or very close to the academic community and dialogues with active researchers. This academic legitimacy allows us to involve many active researchers in citizen science projects.