Leïla Perié

Leïla Perié holds a postdoctoral position in immunology at the National Cancer Institute in Amsterdam. Her research project at the interface between advanced experimental techniques of cell tracking and modelling has been selected and is funded through a European Marie Curie Fellowship.

During her studies she combined a degree of engineer in food and agronomy industries at ENSAIA, in Nancy with a PhD in experimental immunology, bringing new insight on immune cell geolocalisation dynamics in human spleen during HIV infection. This work has been performed at Institut Cochin one of the best immonulogy research centres in France.

This training in experimental research, her current post-doc with modellig perspectives and engineering studies offers her a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills, an experience of different educational styles, as well as an understanding of the specificities of various scientific communities.

She is a former vice president of Paris Montagne and currently coordinates the participation of the association within the European project SIS Catalyst, which studies how to involve youth in a dialogue that can efficiently lead to structural changes in higher education. In 2010, she has been awarded the young research price of the Bettencourt Fondation.


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