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Publications & reports

  • Science education and communication
      • Scientists who engage with society perform better academically. Pablo Jensen et al., Science and Public Policy. 2008. (pdf)
      • Travels In Troy With Freire, technology as agent of emancipation. Paulo Blikstein, in Freire and the Possible Dream. 2008. (pdf)
      • Public Participation in Scientific Research: Defining the Field and Assessing Its Potential for Informal Science Education. A CAISE Inquiry Group Report (pdf)
  • Science, society, values
      • Citizen Scientists. Jack Stilgoe, pamphlet, 2009. (pdf)
      • Values in science (an introduction). Douglas Allchin, in International Handbook of Science Education. 1988 (pdf)
    • Science and social outreach
      • Teaching science for social justice. A.C. Barton et al. 2003. (google book)
      • Review of literature around engagement with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds (Wellcome Trust, pdf)
      • Research into engagement activities with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds (Wellcome Trust, pdf)

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The pictures of an "idea" on the left bar has been drawn by kids at the Paris-Montagne festival, 2010, during a workshop "La Planète des Idées".