Summer schools

Extended scientific literacy (June 15-17)

  • Discuss and develop pre- and post- strategies of communication, within the academic community
  • Explore how literacy skills are intertwined with research practice (interpretation, representation, communication…)
    • Develop awareness of biases that can influence your own interpretations.
  • Create personal ways to express and represent different facets of your research project for the scientific community & beyond. 
    • Production of at least one form of expression useful for the development of your project (graphical abstracts, data representation, sharing research points with citizens, recording a radio interview, publishing blog posts…)
    • Get started with blogging, graphical illustration & radio interviews.
Place : Bidart, Basque coast, France
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General information

  • The summer school balances ⅔ of interactive workshops with ⅓ of individual support.
  • Attendance is limited to 30 participants.
  • Individual mentoring can be offered in French, English, Italian, Spanish (understood)
  • In Bidart, participants are given time to enjoy the region (beach on the best European surfing spots, hiking paths along the ocean, Biarritz, Bayonne & Donostia-San Sebastian close by...)

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