Participatory and responsible approaches of science communication (2015)

Update May 6th 2014 : Postponed to summer 2015
due to reduced funding capacity of a public institution supporting the workshop


Research institutions, industry and public administrations are recruiting people trained in science who are also able to nurture a dialogue about scientific innovation and new technologies, aware of their potential impact for society, and able to handle related responsibility issues. A socially responsible conduct of research, where scientists are aware of the societal outreach of their work, is not intuitive. Such behaviour goes beyond sharing knowledge. Scientists also need to reflect upon and share with citizens the social dimension, the norms and values that govern the scientific community.

The summer school will have a special focus on how to enable active participation in science & society activities. This refers to the possibility for scientists to promote dialogue with society, sharing intellectual tools based on the knowledge, attitudes and norms that characterise scientific activity: collective work, critical thinking, constructive dialogue, questioning of established theories. We will provide examples from a diversity of contexts, including science festivals such as the ones held in Belgrade & Paris and activities performed in socially challenging contexts such as the French suburbs, Palestine & Egypt.

Participants will have the opportunity to consider concrete possibilities for taking action, or reshaping activities they are already involved in. We will focus on creating exhibits and shaping workshops & conferences formats that foster empowerment & participation of the public, based on the research areas of the participants.

We will provide assistance to participants in defining strategies to articulate such actions with their own research work, and even further to fully integrate these activities in their career path.

Skills to be developed based on case studies
  • How to plan, initiate and scale up activities that
    • communicate about the social dimension, norms and values of your local / disciplinary scientific community & eventually empower people
    • foster participation on science & society issues, controversial or not
  • How to request institutional support for these activities
  • How to assess your daily personal equilibrium between time spent in research, teaching and specific activities in society
  • How to establish strategies that enhance positive feedbacks of science & society activities on your research and career
21 h collective training, 6h individual mentoring

Get to know your trainersPractical information
  • Dates : TBA
  • Place: Petnica Science Centre, Valjevo, Serbia
    • for travel, arriving from foreign countries, book a flight to Belgrade (if possible arriving before 13h). Information about ways to transfer from the airport to Petnica will be sent to participants.
  • Registration: 
    • training (food included) : 540€  - reduced fees available upon request.
    • accommodation in the science center : 60€ (no other accommodation available)
    • Reduced training fee might be available depending on pending financial support from universities. If you absolutely need a reduced fee, please contact us to request it.