Extended Scientific Literacy: Enrich your expression toolkit


Scientific research practice involves various literacy skills: read and write, but less obviously interpret, represent, generate fruitful dialogue, engage in critical and collaborative discourse, etc. These literacy skills constitute an essential part of the research activity. In addition, innovative forms of expression (blogs, creative data visualization, graphical abstracts...) are getting growing recognition within the academic world.
This summer school will lead participants to reflect on the different literacy skills they use in their research practice, and to develop concrete expression tools specific for their research project, ranging from ways to represent data or models to means to share the human dimension of their practice with the public. All this will allow them to engage in personal and constructive interactions within their research community, across disciplines, and with the society.

Skills to be developed
  • Develop capacity for expressing multiple facets of your research activity, adapted to different interlocutors
  • Design expression tools specific to your research project
  • Use these innovative forms of expression to engage in constructive dialog about your research project
  • Initiate collaboration with communication professionals (graphical abstracts, short animation videos, illustrations...)
  • Reflect on how biases that can influence your own interpretations, explore how representation can implicitly convey values and assumptions.
21 h collective training, 6h individual mentoring.

Get to know your trainers
  • Livio Riboli-Sasco, Claire Ribrault, Leïla Perié from Atelier des Jours à Venir
  • Iris de Vericourt : she is a graphic designer and illustrator. She creates communication tools, information graphics and didactical illustrations, on news and science topics. She also animate workshops for adults and kids on pop-up books. She shares her time between freelance and agency activities, including AFP (Agence France Presse).
Practical information
  • Dates: August 22th (17:30) - 26th (16:30)
  • Place: Bidart, Basque Coast, France
  • Cost :
    • training (lunch & dinners included): 540€ TTC
    • accommodation,
    • Reduced training fee might be available depending on pending financial support from universities. If you absolutely need a reduced fee, please contact us to request it.