Livio Riboli-Sasco

Livio Riboli-Sasco entred Paris Ecole Normale Supérieure in 2002, ranking 3rd on the nation wide admission exams. He was trained in biology and ecology, and graduated in 2005 within the first promotion of the higly innovative Interdisciplinary Approaches of Life Master, initiated and directed by François Taddei and Ariel Lindner.

After cumulating various elective positions as student representative, in 2005, he founded Paris-Montagne association, of which he is now vice president. By creating an NGO, he coordinated students’ support to set up the innovative doctoral program Frontiers in Life, directed by François Taddei (CRI / Paris Descartes / ENS), in which he enrolled in 2007, after competing his education at Ecole normale supérieure

In 2010 he defended a PhD thesis at the interface between theoretical biology and philosophy of biology, supervised by François Taddei and proposing a framework to analyse evoluationary transition related to information processing.

In 2011/2012, in team with Anne Le Goff, they lead the full design of an innovative Bachelor program for Paris Descartes University and the CRI. Currently he directs the first year of implementation of this Bachelor.

In dialog with Michel Morange or Bruno Latour, Livio Riboli-Sasco has a post-doctoral activity, questioning evolutionary transition conceptual framework in the light of Albert Camus philosophical approach of history and change, notably through the concepts of the absurd and revolts.